What to expect in an initial couple consultation

This 90 minute session starts with a detailed focus on your current difficulties and how you are affected, not only as a couple but as individuals as well. We'll begin to talk in detail about your relationship story, wider family issues on both sides, extended family histories and early experiences in your original families.

My role is to build a detailed, in-depth picture of your underlying   patterns of communicating with each other. This also helps me to understand you better as individuals and gives a picture of what you may have become caught up with and repeating in your relationship.

With this in mind, we talk about how counselling might help you.

I offer regular, weekly sessions which last an hour. Sometimes things can feel easier after a few sessions and sometimes it can take a few months work.

I work psychodynamically and, where appropriate, I use a more cognitive approach.

My role is to ensure you both feel equally heard, taken seriously and able to speak openly. Our work is to improve mutual understanding, curiosity and communication with each other.

I have worked with heterosexual and same sex couples from a wide range of cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds and ages.

If you or your partner are unsure about the best way forward, please feel free to contact me and we can arrange to have a brief chat about it on the phone.